Semi-mobile Crushing Plant

Typical process flow diagram

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Mobility is a necessary condition in rapidly changing world.
Every section of semi-mobile plant is assembled upon the steel rack with tandem wheels forming semitrailer, upon which plant units are placed. Such plant has high production capacity, easy to assemble and provides high-speed movement.

Semi-mobile Crushing Plant

* 1st crushing stage: Feed hopper, vibrating feeder, jaw crusher.
It can be utilized as an independent crushing facility for final production or as the first stage crushing process equipment within the semi-mobile crushing plant.
Material entered through the hopper reaches the vibrational feeder where small fractions and clay are eliminated and the remnant goes into the jaw crusher.

* 2nd crushing stage: Cone crusher + vibrating screen
– Suitable for unsorted material screening and crushing after the 1st stage of crushing or as an independent facility for gravel crushing and fraction screening.

* 3rd crushing stage: Cone crusher or impact crusher
– Designed for mass production of high-quality refined material as well as fine fractions at the 2nd and 3rd crushing stages.