Professional Engineering of Crushing and recycling equipment

DMI is specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of wide range of crushing and screening equipment for mining companies based on long-term experience in high-tech development industry. Our company is also keen on providing the best client service and stable supply of nondurable parts. All equipment is manufactured according to strict management system and accredited by ISO Quality Management System.

The quality behind the well-known brand DMI is widely acknowledged not only in Korea, but all over South-East Asia, Central Asia, CIS countries, Russia and Japan.
The company is constantly striving to innovate it’s manufacturing technology. The main priority of our company lies in never-ending modernization and application of new technology of mobile crusher plant.

In order to protect the environment, DMI is conducting research to optimize the construction waste refining process, using only eco-friendly high-end technology. Our company’s main objective is to manufacture the optimal equipment for production of crushed gravel-sand mixture, preventing environment desolation and achieving smooth natural resource cycle.