Puzzle parking system

HBC-PZ system


  • Parking system may consist of 1 and more levels, where each pallet is equipped with drive device for horizontal and vertical transportation.
  • During entry and retrieval all pallets move simultaneously in order to secure necessary space for one particular pallet.
  • Easy-to-operate. Possibility for several modules installation.
  • Equipment manufacturing and installation don’t require much time. Simplicity and low possibility of breakdown.


  • Construction may consist of 2 and more levels. Simple vertical and horizontal transportation, high speed of vehicle entry and retrieval.
  • APS is designed for parking space for 3 and more vehicles where adjacent modules can provide up to few hundreds of parking spaces.
  • The simplest system of all requiring low level of exploitation cost.
  • Module substitutability may be implemented in case of breakdown.

All questions related to non-standard types must be addressed to an equipment manufacturer

Parking video copyright : C-2015-002760